Valu8 has been awarded as one of the top 50 Nordic companies for the future by Techarenan Challenge. The competition aims at highlighting entrepreneurial tech companies based on a unique innovation or business concept with the potential to be commercialised on a global scale. The companies have been evaluated with a focus on scalability, sustainability and well-defined growth opportunities. Companies awarded originate from the entire Nordic region, ranging from FinTech to GreenTech, MedTech, e-Health, EdTech etc.

“This year’s finalists are one of the strongest groups so far in terms of both width and focus. It is obvious that Sweden and the Nordic countries are a breeding ground for exceptional entrepreneurs and companies. Many of these companies have already gained a foothold internationally and have created a strong position for further development expansion” says Omid Ekhlasi, founder and director of competition Techarenan.

Valu8 has built up an aggregated database and platform of more than 60 million European companies, containing billions of data items. Established in the Nordics, Valu8 today serves 80-90 per cent of Nordic private equity and a majority of the Nordic banks and M&A advisors with its financial application platform for intelligent private company screening.

Valu8’s product value-add ranges from advanced search tools, sector aggregated information to detailed company financials, ownership information, networks, capital funding/share issues, valuations etc. which save time and enhance the strategy, sourcing and execution process.

“We see a clear trend among European and global investors and companies to become increasingly data-driven and structured in their screening and research analysis. The Nordic arena for advanced financial information is well developed and has been a great place for us to build up our platform. Our vision is to become the leading private company research platform in Europe in the next 3 years. We are now expanding in Europe and where we have fuelled in more than 60 million new European entities into our European platform so far. Our value-add lies in data aggregation, smart data connections and advanced search solutions using a combination of both conventional methods and new technology to target the right subsector, region, specific company, owner or key person. This is a key focus for us” – says Anders Lundgren, CEO and Co-founder of Valu8.

Valu8 grew its user base in terms of annual subscription value by 52% in 2019. Combined with an existing annual client retention rate of 98-99% in the past three years, the company is projecting to be self-financed going forward.

The finals will take place in Stockholm on June 9-10 and on November 13. During these days pitch the companies will be pitching for this year’s jury, and panels and news broadcasts will be held on the subject of innovation and entrepreneurship. The entire program will be streamed live.


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About Valu8

Valu8, founded in 2011, is a primary research tool for private company data in Europe focused on the Private Equity and M&A industries, enabling our clients to accelerate their deal-making process from origination to execution. We have developed our platform with active client feedback and strive to have a proactive approach to serve our customers’ needs.