Our objective is to bring transparency to the vast universe of private companies.

Valu8 was founded in 2011 to provide better information about other businesses and provide time-efficient tools to find and analyse sectors, companies and ownerships. We are based in Stockholm and London.

Valu8 is an intelligent business application tool that aggregates comprehensive sources of company information in order for our users to effectively screen and analyse relevant private company and ownership data. Our value add ranges from screening for customers or suppliers, company and ownership analysis, sector and competitor analysis to acquisition analysis and company valuation.

We are a fast growing, customer-oriented company that strongly believes that it is our customers that drive us forward to constantly evolve in our product offer.

Valu8 was founded in 2011. We are based in Stockholm and London.

As of 2016, Vembi Ownership Information is part of Valu8.

Vembi provides a unique and qualitative record of owners of private companies, either via access through Valu8’s application or through Vembi’s standalone web application focused on ownership information.

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