Understand the universe of private companies

Valu8 Company Intelligence

Our platform aggregates private company and ownership information in European countries, enabling effective screening and analysis of companies and sectors.

Effective screening

Screen for any sector or company.

Detailed information

Get detailed company information and underlying reports for all private companies.

Private owners

Find the owners behind private companies.


Find and risk-analyse suppliers, sectors & peers.

Follow changes

Follow your sectors or companies for key changes.

Export & update

Export information directly into MS Office.
Valu8 Corporate Finance

Analytics tool for M&A and private equity.

Private equity database

Track holdings of private equity and venture capital firms.

Mergers & acquisitions

Analyse M&A transactions or get updated via our morning newsletter.

Private share issues

Track private company share issues and valuation levels.

Fundamentals & Estimates

Access to global coverage of company fundamentals and consensus estimates by equity analysts, provided by our trusted partner FactSet.

Comparable valuation tools

Perform valuation analysis of comparable listed companies or M&A transactions.

DCF & LBO valuation tools

Advanced company valuation tools.